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Appalachian Collection

Installed as easily as any composite, with clips, but with the durability of stones! Installs over any existing or new typical wood frame.


Rainier Collection

Waterproof decking that covers any typical existing, or new, wood structure! Also installs over concrete or directly on the ground.


Tanzite STONEDECKS don’t scratch, stain, fade, get slippery, or heat up like other decking alternatives. See how it compares to common decking materials below.

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Building a Tanzite STONEDECK is a very similar process to building other outdoor decks.  We will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to design and install it.

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    Schedule a video call now where one of our deck designers will share their screen so you can see them build your project virtually. During the meeting they will answer any questions you may have, and visually show how your project will look when completed. At the end, they will send you an itemized materials quote which you can simply Click to Order!

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    To make sure your project goes smoothly we offer a free call with a carpenter who has built many Tanzite projects and can answer even the most technical questions you may have about yours. You can even make it a video call so that you can show the carpenter what you are working with.

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01 What is Tanzite?

Tanzite is made from natural stone/sand that is vitrified through extreme heat and pressure to create a highly controlled material that is most similar to porcelain. Unlike most porcelain, there are several measures taken throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that is ideal for use outdoors. So much so that we do not recommend using Tanzite products indoors.

02 What is the difference between the Appalachian Collection to the Rainier Collection?

The biggest difference between our Rainier Collection (original system) vs our Appalachian Collection (new system) is that the Rainier Collection is a free-floating waterproof system that is installed over a subfloor, whereas the Appalachian Collection is a non-waterproof system that is installed like composite decking with hidden fasteners.

03 What kind of stone is Tanzite?

The Tanzite stones were man-made stone. The stone is basically made the same way mother nature would, with an incredible amount of heat and pressure that literally melts it into a perfect stone, Similar to how man-made diamonds are made.

04 Do the stones heat up in the sun?

As you know, everything in the Summer gets hot eventually. Tanzite though, heats up significantly slower than Composite decking and ultimately never reaches the same temperature as similar colored composites. However, the darker the color, the more heat it will absorb just like a wood deck. Therefore, if this is a major concern, then the lighter colors will be the best option. You can also order samples of actual Tanzite stone pieces in each color, so you can test them out before you make your final decision!

05 What is its warranty?

Tanzite STONEDECKS are made of natural stone, and what can you really do to stone, which is why it's easy for us to include a limited lifetime warranty.

06 What is Tanzite's Return Policy?

Tanzite Return Policy.

You can return any* Tanzite product, for any reason whatsoever, within three months of receiving your order. Any returns need to be in their original bundle/bag/carton and in good sellable condition. All returned products are subject to a 15% restocking fee. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

*Please note that EPDM membrane is not refundable as it is specifically cut for your project.

Damaged Product.

Every Tanzite Stonedecks order is insured with shipping insurance! To take advantage of this, please take a photo of your shipment when it arrives, then inspect it and take additional photos of any damage you find, then notify us within 48 hours. See the full policy on our website at Tanzite.com/returns

Tanzite is an extremely strong decking product, once it's on the deck. It can be damaged during shipping though, and arrive with a chip or have slight damage on the edge. While we do our best to minimize it, minor damage happens in about 1 of every 30-35 boards. Since these boards can still be used for cut pieces, or hidden areas, there is minimal waste created by the damage. If you are unable to make use of the damaged piece, let us know and we'll refund you for the cost of the damaged piece.

Extra Product

Please ensure that you are ordering enough extra product to account for any waste, changes in the deck plan, or any slight mismeasurements. Tanzite pieces aren't light or small, so shipping even just a few extra boards typically costs more than the boards themselves costs, plus it will add delays to your project while you wait for them to arrive. If you do need additional pieces, they can be ordered at Tanzite.com/shop-tanzite. Note that Tanzite does not cover the shipping costs if you need extra pieces.

See the full Return Policy below.

01 How does it install?

Tanzite Appalachian Collection installs just like a typical grooved composite deck board with hidden fasteners. It can be installed on a standard wood deck frame with 12", 16", or 24" joist spacing.

02 How much does it weigh?

Tanzite Appalachian Collection weighs 9.05lbs per square foot.

03 What colors are available?

There are 7 colors in our Appalachian Collection, Silver Maple, American Walnut, Driftwood, White Ash, and Aged Teak, Ebony, Mahogany.

04 How to order samples?

You can order samples here. The samples are cut from actual pieces of the final product, so the samples are the same material, size, texture, etc. as the planks you'll get for your deck!

05 What is the pricing of the Appalachian Collection per square foot?

The cost of the Appalachian Collection is almost always right around $10.00/sqft (USD). This includes edge pieces, groove pieces, and clips. Appalachian Collection prices change very little, if at all, from one deck size/layout to the next.

01How does it install?

The foam underlay is already attached to each tile. This means the Tile is insulated from the floor, keeping the floor warmer and softer feeling than a traditional tile. It also allows installation over uneven surfaces, or surfaces that flex.

EPDM rubber gaskets connect the pieces securely together so they interlock, yet remain flexible. This replaces the grout and makes installation easy for any DIY'er.

It also makes the "grout" easy to clean, and makes the tile installation removable, if needed. The flexible connection accepts movement, allowing placement over cracked concrete, flexible floors and outdoors where ice can move the tiles.

02How much does it weigh?

Tanzite Rainier Collection weighs 9.1lbs per square foot.

03What colors are available?

Rainier comes in exciting colors to match your customized design

● Aged Teak

● American Walnut

● Canon Brown

● Carrara Marble

● Driftwood

● Sierra Gray

● Slate Black

● Travertine

04How to order samples?

You can order sampleshere. The samples are cut from actual pieces of the final product, so the samples are the same material, size, texture, etc. as the planks you'll get for your deck!

05What is the pricing of the Rainier Collection per square foot?

The cost of the Rainier Collection is usually around $11.95/sqft (USD).

01How to order?

You can order your package online here. If you're unsure of what you need, or what color(s) you want, send a sketch of your deck, with dimensions and a few photos of the space to design@tanzite.com and we will create a custom 3D concept and itemized materials estimate for you! Please include your preferred color(s) and note on the drawing which side(s) of the deck is against the house. Once you've selected your preferred color(s), you can use the appropriate estimate to order online, or through the Tanzite rep that has been helping you with your concepts and estimates!

02What is the availability?

Packing times vary throughout the year but we do our best to package and ship orders within 5 business days (Monday - Friday) from the time you place your order. That way if you place an order over the weekend, or on Monday, your order is on it's way towards you by the end of the week!

03What are the shipping times?

Most orders ship out of our warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Orders shipping towards the East coast or to areas East of the Rocky Mountains typically take 1-2 days to arrive at their final destination from the time they're shipped. Orders shipping to the West coast take about 4-5 days to arrive at their final destination from the time that they're shipped.

04What are the shipping methods?

Our standard shipping fee covers shipping from our warehouse to our partners trucking terminal nearest you. If you would it delivered right to your house, let us know and we will get pricing for that. You just pay the cost difference between the quote to ship to the terminal vs the quote to ship to your house, we don't mark this up for you so you just pay the same difference that we pay. Otherwise, you can pick it up yourself from the terminal or hire a third party to pick it up and deliver it to your house from the trucking terminal for no additional charge.